National Technology and Intellectual Property Venture Capital - Startup program


The Startup investment program supports SMEs which finished the product development and market validation however they need extra capital to boost the sales or to step onto international markets. The investment horizon is 2-5 years.


The investment will be realized through capital raising (share capital + capital surplus) which can be complemented with shareholders’ loan. The startup product provides capital up to 500 million (~1,6 million EUR) HUF to companies based on unique and flexible conditions. We request minority interest in the financed company in return of the capital. The capital will be transferred in two installments, the proportion of the two installments may vary.

The pre-conditions of transferring the second installment are to report the use of the first installment (including all costs) and to report the outputs and the accomplished milestones of the company.


According to the investment contract and to the business plan, all costs can be financed that occur only in relation to the operation of the target company, and are eligible by the relevant legislation (e.g. market research, services of mentors or incubators, costs related to the product development, salary of the employees etc.)


Accomplished results and milestones
Financial implementation of the project (cost structure, revenues, profit)
The innovation content of the project
The justification of the business plan
Experience and track record of the owners
Number of project owners and structure of the team
Existence and investment volume of co-investors
Type of co-investors (if applicable)