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LiveRobe Preseed LiveRobe A social network based e-commerce market place with fashion focus. A digital social wardrobe which helps people to get personalized feedback on matching outfits with the help of a special item page. LiveRobe gives feedback and recommendations according to the users’ needs, taste, parameters and behavior. LiveRobe is a platform where anyone can have a „mini webstore” within the application. Local's Lore Preseed Local's Lore Instagram and Google based travel guide, with functional search aid. We connect like minded travelers and brands We capture the imagination of travelers via this unique search aid, as well to inspire and inform them! Lokcheck Preseed Lokcheck Lokcheck delivers software systems for construction companies. Our solution connects construction teams and improves their efficiency. Lupfe Preseed Lupfe Lupfe builds internal-combustion engines with great power density for electric driven planes. Preseed is an online platform that makes finding manufacturers and ordering their services effortless. Mandy Preseed Mandy Mandy is a taxi-sharing application that offers cheaper rides. The platform matches users that travel in the same direction and offers them an automatized cost-sharing system. Mechanical Sheep Kft. Preseed Mechanical Sheep Kft. The goal of Mechanical Sheep is to develop and manufacture a mechanical lawn mower, which only uses the power of the human user. No more loud noise, gasoline, exhaust gas, oil or electric cords, only the easy, eco-friendly mowing exists. Medika Pro Kft. Preseed Medika Pro Kft. Medika is a preventive and complementary therapeutic-diagnostic dental and gastro-enterological smart device. The product-family is developed by Sopron based Medika Pro Ltd. Met3r Preseed Met3r MET3R's intelligent energy solutions increase operational efficiency and improves customer experience for energy companies while saving energy and cost for consumers.
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