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iKont Preseed iKont IKont is an intelligent storage container designed primarily for construction use. The smart container is designed to provide micro level control and organizational support directly on the field! IKont has organizational and controlling support software, supervision and manufacturing support tools. InStoore Preseed InStoore InStoore is a shareing economy based warehouse -Intermediary, which helps companies to monetize their extra storage capacity by lending it to firms or persons with extra storage needs. Intech Studio Preseed Intech Studio Intech Studio is a team of technology enthusiasts focusing on making creative devices for creative people. Their main product is Grid, a modular MIDI controller solution. Intelliweights Preseed Intelliweights intelliWeights is the first fitness computer that modernizes any gym. Attaches to existing weight machines, and it becomes your personal AI lifting trainer. IP Vision Preseed IP Vision We develop computer vision based road traffic monitoring and organizing solutions. IT-Medicine Preseed IT-Medicine IT-MEDicine has been established in 2015 to develop a new, currently on the market non-existent gynaecological physiological diagnostic medical device. Using the device in the everyday obstetrician practice, the mortality rates of intrauterine death could be significantly reduced, by measuring the fetal EEG and ECG waveforms during pregnancy and labour. ittaSzezon! Preseed ittaSzezon! Pop up sales to connect urban people and farmers. The system helps goods from farm to table, quick and easy. All you need is an easy-to use online platform. We build that. IUM Preseed IUM We are developing new means of transportation for individual urban mobility. It will become people’s permanent companion to guarantee fast, flexible and green travelling in our urban environment. Leap Preseed Leap Leap is developing a new type of a laundry machine for washing textiles, based on a different washing principle, to make the clothes washing much faster and cost effective for laundry services.
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