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GREENWAVE Technology Kft Preseed GREENWAVE Technology Kft Greenwave had redesigned the hydroponic plant growing systems and created a more efficient self-sustainable one. Their solution consumpts less water, nutrients and energy. It ensures less environmental impact. Hajtós Pincér Kft. Preseed Hajtós Pincér Kft. Hungary’s first independent professional food delivery service. The essence of their service: 1. they display the menu of their partner restaurants on their website 2. customers can place orders online on their website 3. they take care of food delivery HexaVR Preseed HexaVR HexaVR Ltd is specialised in building simulator rigs and accessories to grant a more realistic user experience. Their goal is to serve the needs of customers from the entry level products to the ultra-high-end custom solutions. IB Math Club Preseed IB Math Club IB Math Club is an online platform where IB students find help for their Math studies. They benefit from the thematic summary pages, belonging practice exercises and exam tests. Students can also request personal consultation. Leap Kft. Preseed Leap Kft. Leap is developing a new type of a laundry machine for washing textiles, based on a different washing principle, to make the clothes washing much faster and cost effective for laundry services. Mechanical Sheep Kft. Preseed Mechanical Sheep Kft. The goal of Mechanical Sheep is to develop and manufacture a mechanical lawn mower, which only uses the power of the human user. No more loud noise, gasoline, exhaust gas, oil or electric cords, only the easy, eco-friendly mowing exists. Medika Pro Kft. Preseed Medika Pro Kft. Medika is a preventive and complementary therapeutic-diagnostic dental and gastro-enterological smart device. The product-family is developed by Sopron based Medika Pro Ltd. MindRove Kft. Preseed MindRove Kft. MindRove develops thought-controlled electronic devices, so-called brain-computer interface (BCI) systems. In order to create more accurate and responsive headsets than the commercially available ones, MindRove combines special, self-designed neural sensors with modern artificial intelligence. Netflorista Preseed Netflorista Netflorista connects all the local florists into one platform focusing on unique delivery feeling.
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