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DogRadar Preseed DogRadar The application is an essential tool for a dog friendly scavenger hunt game, that can be played in some of the most famous parks of the US. The 2 hour adventure is supposed to promote the DOGRADAR map service, which will help walking dogs to easily organize playdates. DP Innovations Kft. Preseed DP Innovations Kft. Healthylator is an innovative inhaler which lets drug producers iterate the main parameters of the device, thereby enabling them to find the desirable inhaler construction for their product in a more cost efficient manner than ever before. e-Strip Preseed e-Strip Our innovative e-Strip can keep the cool or hot for hours, using different peripheral units for various sick body parts, making it currently the only effective device to produce cold and warm compresses recommended by doctors from various medical fields. Personalized therapy is guaranteed by an expert system on a central server, and a smartphone application at the client side. ERX for BES Kft. Preseed ERX for BES Kft. For tenants and landlords who struggle to lend or rent, BES will ease the process from advertising to keeping in touch. As opposed to well known players, BES transforms the process of renting and lending to a leisure activity, while providing assistance along the way. Filipper Kft. Preseed Filipper Kft. Our goal is to create a product, to increase efficiency and elliminate the negative effects of the widely used timered shower faucets, while paying attention to the environment. FitPuli Preseed FitPuli FitPuli's goal is to make workplaces healthier with an ecosystem based on a mobile app and wearables. They collect relevant data automatically and provide personalized feed-backs to make health-conscious decisions easier for both employers and employees. Foldergo Preseed Foldergo Our aim is to help the big city commuters with speedy, big wheel, folding scooters. The state-of-the art design scooter is a real alternative in the transport and is a great experience for the fans of the wheels. Foodyapp Hungary Kft. Preseed Foodyapp Hungary Kft. The new generation of hosting, or there's life after the lunch menu. Bonus meals at restaurants on a smart way. The app generates new cosumers, and no spare capacities at restaurants. As a guest: the best offers in one platform, as a restaurant: significant efficiency. Fundastik Preseed Fundastik We are building a global investment navigator on Hyperledger blockchain in cooperation with IBM. We help individual investors select the best traditional and crypto investment products creating a smart investment portfolio.
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