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ArtConscious Kft. Preseed ArtConscious Kft. ArtConscious is an online platform dedicated to contemporary Central and Eastern European art and design. Join now and discover extraordinary talent in unexpected places. Breakslow Preseed Breakslow Breakslow is the breakfast and coffee specialist, the missing last ’b’ letter from the ’Airbnb’s airbedandbreakfast. It’s an online loyalty system for the independent coffeeshops. An ergonomic, easy-to-use map-based browser and loyalty card wallet for conscious customers. Campsule Preseed Campsule A weatherproof, compact and easily installable accomodation. It is more comfortable and safer than a tent. The name is constructed as combination of the words camp and capsule. CAREonix Preseed CAREonix CAREonix is developing a smart toothbrush that is able to diagnose early-stage caries in teeth. In connection with this project they are working on a customizable infrared to visible light converter polymer based lens that can revolutionize not only medical imaging but also many other fields in engineering and science. Cargo-Viszed Kft (ViddL) Preseed Cargo-Viszed Kft (ViddL) ViddL is an innovative online delivery service, where senders meet suppliers. They provide low-cost on-demand delivery service for webshops and private individuals through verified freelancer suppliers registered on their website. Centipede Labs Kft. Preseed Centipede Labs Kft. The Centipede Labs Ltd. is established as a Medical engineering company. They are developing CT image enhancement softwares for bone grafting and implantation procedures, furthermore they are planning bone grafting, implant surgeries and any surgical aids. Cormedio Preseed Cormedio Cormedio Kft develops continuous heart rate monitoring device for cardiology and fitness purpose. Darts Matek Preseed Darts Matek Darts Maths is an interactive education software, which help the teacher may add the software to his or her syllabus, thus helping the students develop their mental counting skills, thoughtfulness, logical thinking and concentration through a set playful and interactive tasks and games. Day-to-day Kft. Preseed Day-to-day Kft. Day-to-day is developing a mobile application to help the parents of preschoolers to support their children’s development through joint activities on a day-to-day basis.
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