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Day-to-day Kft. Preseed Day-to-day Kft. Day-to-day is developing a mobile application to help the parents of preschoolers to support their children’s development through joint activities on a day-to-day basis. Dental Scanner Solutions Preseed Dental Scanner Solutions Dental Scanner Solutions is developing a new 3D dental scanner which promotes the traditional sampling process and helps the widespread propagation with its favorable parameters. DentistRobot Preseed DentistRobot DentistRobot's goal is to develop a new, robotized solution for tooth reshaping. Using custom CAD software and robotic arm dentists will be able to provide automatized, more accurate, faster, reshaping procedures, and more durable protheses for their patients. DIGI Health Kft. Preseed DIGI Health Kft. DIGI Health connects supply and demand for healthcare on a personalized online marketplace. They recommend safe products and services; support merchants’ online sales activity (customer insights, payment, delivery) and provide an open innovation platform for the pharma industry. ERX for BES Kft. Preseed ERX for BES Kft. For tenants and landlords who struggle to lend or rent, BES will ease the process from advertising to keeping in touch. As opposed to well known players, BES transforms the process of renting and lending to a leisure activity, while providing assistance along the way. FitPuli Preseed FitPuli FitPuli's goal is to make workplaces healthier with an ecosystem based on a mobile app and wearables. They collect relevant data automatically and provide personalized feed-backs to make health-conscious decisions easier for both employers and employees. Foodyapp Hungary Kft. Preseed Foodyapp Hungary Kft. The new generation of hosting, or there's life after the lunch menu. Bonus meals at restaurants on a smart way. The app generates new cosumers, and no spare capacities at restaurants. As a guest: the best offers in one platform, as a restaurant: significant efficiency. Preseed Whether it's moving, sending a package, shipping pallets or transporting a car, helps you find the best deal. GamerHours Preseed GamerHours GamerHours is an innovative esports coaching platform connecting amateur gamers with pro ones who provide them custom made coaching sessions in order to help them take their game to the next level and win more games.
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