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Moonsyst Seed Moonsyst Moonsyst Zrt. is the developer of a smart, multi-sensor rumen bolus for dairy cow and beef cattle monitoring. With this IoT technology farmers gain real time information on their herd’s activity, heat and general health condition. Oneminorder Seed Oneminorder Oneminorder is a framework for ordering, which platform can any restaurant become a market leader easily. It provides a complete package that enables the creation, maintenance and marketing of the online platform. Parkour Seed Parkour Seamless drive-through payments for any car. Parkour’s proprietary technology creates high security visual identities of registered vehicles to enable instant transactions for parking, fuelling, or anything else. Render Node Monitor Seed Render Node Monitor Our mission is to help 3D graphic designers in their everyday work by reducing the time wasting and the struggle of managing a render farm, allowing them to focus on creative work with all of their energy. RF Anatomy Seed RF Anatomy RF Anatomy is an innovative content and software developer company, which provides a complete educational system for medical students and leads medical education into the 21st century. The products include an app, online platform and printed human anatomy atlas with AR technology. SDS Zrt. Seed SDS Zrt. Secured transmission of traditional and digitalised documents with confirmation between the parties, with automatic processing to create OFFICE 4.0 ShareKiwi Kft. Seed ShareKiwi Kft. ShareKiwi Ltd. designs and implements custom telecommunication softwares. This would enable the mobile devices of their customers to communicate and share HD content without cellular coverage in a secure, cost effective and energy efficient way. SIXIDE Wave Digitális Szolgáltató Kft. Seed SIXIDE Wave Digitális Szolgáltató Kft. Sixide is an interactive template-based 3D advertising space generator for increased advertising efficiency. Spomoco Kft. Seed Spomoco Kft. Spomoco means Sporty Motivated Community. It’s developed for trainers to facilitate their work with as few administrative and organizational tasks as possible so they can focuse on the most important thing they love to do: training.
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