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NowTechnologies Zrt. Growth NowTechnologies Zrt. Developer of cutting edge robotic solutions for healthcare applications aiding people with high level disabilities. Products range from computer controller assistive devices to head driven smart wheelchair platforms. Payment and Sales Consulting CEE Kft. Growth Payment and Sales Consulting CEE Kft. PSC operates in the Central Eastern European markets focusing on the field of mobile application and cashless payment industry development with their own products. Above this PSC provides consulting services in sales, marketing and project management which enables customers for accelerating their growht potential. Post for Rent Growth Post for Rent Post for Rent is a global stakeholder of influencer marketing industry started in 2015. The unique system provides an automatic, data-driven solution, thus successful campaigns for 15.000 international influencers and more than 150 brands worldwide. PRESSENGER KFT. Growth PRESSENGER KFT. The next innovation in mobile notification - Pressenger developed a whole new push notification system that is capable of sending animated, bubble-like notifications directly ahead of the lock screen instead of the traditional text push notification. Their technology will amaze users and reshape the whole app marketing-notification scene. Sybrillo Growth Sybrillo Sybrillo builds the future of consumer-level video making. Their first product is a GoPro accessory, which gives the experience of being a Hollywood professional to a consumer, like you! They have a ton of ideas, all of them are disruptive in the industry. THE ONLINET GROUP Growth THE ONLINET GROUP ONLINET GROUP is the Expert of Customer Services and a leading European innovator of Queue Management Systems. We not just design, develop and manufacture, but we shape the future of this technology. Vedd Bérbe Kft. Growth Vedd Bérbe Kft. VeddBé is the online market for rentable equipments and devices. Creates a social platform and provides an easy-to-use and safe environment with the mission to transfer the originally offline rental industry into an innovative online interface. VirtDB Growth VirtDB VirtDB is a software technology startup developing and distributing new generation self-service data access solutions for BI and Big Data technology users all around the world. ViveLab Ergo Kft. Growth ViveLab Ergo Kft. ViveLab Ergo is an ergonomic lab in the cloud for modelling objects, machines and human beings moving together in a virtual 3D space. Thanks to its massive anthropometric database and built-in analyses it precisely simulates, analyzes and validates human interactions with industrial and other environments.
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