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Tickething Seed Tickething Tickething is a safe and reliable marketplace for e-tickets. For real fans, from reals fans. Toptalq Seed Toptalq Toptalq believes that it’s a novelty that contrary to other news portals, their portal does not focus on individual news items, but on actual or even implicit themes that may soon surface in media, and which could also be generated by individuals. Furthermore, and unlike other news portals, this portal presents these themes by showing both sides of the same coin, urging users to consume media, articles and opinions that are different to their own set of beliefs or preconceptions. TransCTRL Kft. Seed TransCTRL Kft. The TransCTRL system is capable of standardisation of supply chain execution providing real-time, predictive information for every participants involved. Its industry specific business intelligence is the first step towards the biggest paradigm sift in freight forwarding: self-driving trucks. TrucksOnTheMap Seed TrucksOnTheMap TrucksOnTheMap forecasts truck-availability to make truck bookable in advance, so they don’t run without cargo on their trips. Indirectly we have solutions for the shortage of drivers and truck capacity, while we innovate truck-booking tools. Webshippy Kft. Seed Webshippy Kft. Webshippy is an ecommerce order fulfillment company that helps online stores by storing their products, picking, packing and invoicing their orders and shipping them worldwide so they can focus on marketing and growth. Zyntern Seed Zyntern is an internship and fresh graduate job platform aiming to help companies with the latest digital HR solutions to match with Y and Z generation students and fresh graduates in real time, based on their mutually shared preferences. Zyntern is an already operating platform with payed services, having over 600 registered companies and 10 000 job seeker users. Automizy Growth Automizy We help businesses with no technical background convert their leads to loyal customers by sending personalized, relevant, automated emails. To take this further, we’re currently working on a number of AI powered features to make the life of email marketers easier. BOOKR Kids Growth BOOKR Kids BOOKR Kids offers a wonderful tool for reading, an easy-to use and fun interactive library app what children love and parents trust. Credit4Sales - RiskCover Growth Credit4Sales - RiskCover Credit4sales is an intelligent cloud based B2B credit management solution to anticipate customer risk, utilize sales potential and generate cash. credit4sales helps you to identify new sales opportunities and also risky buyers in order to grow your business fast and safely. Use state of the art technology to transform your data to trade intelligence.
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