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Torrent Detective Preseed Torrent Detective Torrent Detective offers a new and effective solution for protecting digital content and data. Urstory Kft Preseed Urstory Kft Urstory delivers you the ultimate social media platform for sharing short stories of funny life events. Valfer Kft. Preseed Valfer Kft. The aim of this project is to write a new oncology radiation therapy treatment planning software based on the VR technology. This software could ensure a more precise irradiation and more homogeneous dose distribution with potentially better patient outcomes, shorter healing period or hospitalization and can be cost-effective on the long term. ViddL Preseed ViddL ViddL is an innovative online delivery service, where senders meet suppliers. They provide low-cost on-demand delivery service for webshops and private individuals through verified freelancer suppliers registered on their website. VOKS Research Kft. Preseed VOKS Research Kft. With their innovative system which uses automated processes and advanced technology solutions, companies in the SME sector can gain access to the same market research services that multinational companies use in their decision-making process. VR-Reel Preseed VR-Reel VR-Reel Media develops complex VR solutions, custom virtual reality applications & next-gen interactions in AR. The immersions they create in AR/VR can help to draw attention to the most interesting cases, for example our VR/AR edutainment applications or the Fitness/wellbeing virtual reality programs we develop. Windbull Preseed Windbull The WINDBULL is a Real Urban Wind Machine, which creates the Green Cities of the future, where urban houses produce significant electricity from wind. A new approach, a new working principle… the WINDBULL establishes a sustainable and efficient energy system that produces low-cost, low-carbon local electricity. WYHOYS Kft. Preseed WYHOYS Kft. The main goal of WYHOYS, an organic clothing brand, is to raise attention from collection to collection for such global-, environmental- and social problems that can easily lead to turnovers in natural processes. Beside that only certificated, organic and recycled commodities are used during production, the brand marks out from other sustainable fashion brands with the feature that the waste produced during the whole process of design and production are recycled in 100%, reducing carbon footprint. 4D Anatomy Seed 4D Anatomy is the most authentic 4D simulation of the human body, based on real photos. A priceless anatomical resource, a tool for medical students and doctors to practice dissection and surgeries on the home screen instead of a dissection lab
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