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Global Web Solutions Kft. Growth Global Web Solutions Kft. GWS Hub is an umbrella organization providing innovative online solutions for the shared services industry in the CEE region. Their main solutions are the SSC Heroes industry portal providing online employer branding services, and the MagellanPass cloud-based recruitment solution pre-filtering and delivering candidates in an innovative way to their clients. Gremon Systems Zrt. Growth Gremon Systems Zrt. Gremon's primary is to provide businesses in the agricultural sector with modern, cutting-edge technologies in workforce and plant monitoring. Their products collect information from the use of the different functions of the devices. The gained data prove to be crucial in decision-making. HandInScan Zrt. Growth HandInScan Zrt. Founded on the heritage of Semmelweis, HandInScan develops, validates and commercializes a novel hand hygiene control system for the direct and objective evaluation of hand rubbing. Their mission is to effectively reduce healthcare-associated infections, and to eradicate contamination incidents at high-risk industrial procedures. Helpy kft. Growth Helpy kft. Rendi focuses on a key issue: Finding a reliable, safe and affordable cleaner quickly and without any commitments. Through the platform a customer can book cleaning help with a simple 3-step procedure. The cleaner – chosen by Rendi through rigorous assessments- clean the household and the payment is processed when the job is done. JayStack Growth JayStack JayStack provides tools for software developers and custom solutions for enterprises so they can meet the challanges of the hyper-changing business and techonolgy ecosystem. KAJAHU Growth KAJAHU Our aim is to create something new where we enjoy being and eating…TOGETHER. Being together with friends, family members, colleagues, people we know or people we don’t know….yet. Monsun Growth Monsun Monsun Llc. soon enters the market of household and chemical products. According to the philosophy of company, they will bring a whole new and exciting world to the lives of consumers by new approaches and by emphasizing factors that were considered less important so far. Multipass Solutions Growth Multipass Solutions Multipass Solutions is an experienced ECM vendor and consultancy delivering flexible, award winning, enterprise grade solutions for forms and cheque processing, secure data entry, workforce transformation, data migration and clean-up and corporate mobility. Neticle Labs Growth Neticle Labs Neticle’s proprietary goal is to support business decisions by automatically analysing online content or any given text. Thier main profile is online media monitoring and analysis by collecting the most relevant keyword-related mentions on the web with an automatic sentiment analysis which works with human-level precision.
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