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Fixvalami Kft. Seed Fixvalami Kft. is an online marketplace. It can easily and fast connect providers and customers, who can request quotations. This website is unique in providing traders direct access point to potential customers. Flying Birds Entertainment Kft. Seed Flying Birds Entertainment Kft. eSports Horizon's goal is to make a chance for anybody to earn money by playing esports. To reach this goal you can participate in different trainings, cups and challenges. HOOP Seed HOOP Hoop mobile advertising app serves users with discounted offers in their living-spaces without any upfront payment or anything else to do. It calls for only one click on the spot. Advertisers can use the platform in a FREEMIUM model after spending only one minute with uploading their offers. Indivizo Seed Indivizo Indivizo is a smart video interview and recruitment app. It helps applicants to really show their talents while enabling companies to get to know more people in less time. InSimu Kft. Seed InSimu Kft. The InSimu Patient app gives medical doctors and students the opportunity to practice the medical diagnostic work in the safety of virtual reality on simulated patients with the full scale of diagnostic methods. Mimicking all possible aspects of real-life diagnostics, InSimu Patient will change the way of thinking and way of learning for young medical professionals by impelling independent thinking and using a “medutainment” approach. iWelcome2 Tourinform Kft. Seed iWelcome2 Tourinform Kft. iWelcome2 platform is a virtual concierge, which helps tourists to easily find, select, enjoy and buy the best experiences by connecting useful services, adding rich content and recommendations in one simple app. Koin Europe Kft. Seed Koin Europe Kft. Koin is a personal finance management application rendering users’ income and expenditures transparent and easy to track. Koin is available on the web as well as iPhone and Android devices. KWINDOO Seed KWINDOO KWINDOO develops and implements infotainment solutions for the digital world of today's sailing world. The focus is on mobility, unlimited scaling, smooth flow of information, exposure and access to the global world via integration and connectivity. L!BER8 TECHNOLOGY Seed L!BER8 TECHNOLOGY L!BER8 TECHNOLOGY revolutionize the way how people perceive jewelry by introducing the world’s first customizable bracelet. The fashionable accessory comes with an award-winning technology and astonishing design, ready to wear by millions.
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