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5-WORDS Preseed 5-WORDS 5-WORDS is a collective intelligence harvesting tool designed to be a unique interactive feature for events and conferences, an ideal application to conduct qualitative opinion mapping even on a large scale. 9 Axis Preseed 9 Axis The startup has been established for research and development of a custom videogame controller. Adalékmentesen Kft. Preseed Adalékmentesen Kft. Adalékmentesen offers ready-to-eat meals with long shelf life, you can keep them on the shelf, in the drawer or even in your bag. Just heat it up and you can eat a delicious meal in just 2 minutes, free from preservatives, additives, dairy products and added sugars. AdvertiCat - Swolo Ads Kft. Preseed AdvertiCat - Swolo Ads Kft. AdvertiCat is an online marketplace for mobile advertisements that allow you to place targeted ads in phone applications within minutes. Adwantapp Preseed Adwantapp Adwant is a mobile ad-delivery platform, integrates mobile media spaces adaptively to mobile core function, the outgoing calling process, without disrupting and disturbing it. Mobile ad appears, when the user actively uses the mobile for an outgoing call that results 100% ad viewability. Agora Preseed Agora The future technology of the real estate industry. Our app makes your real estate business run on a more effective level, while you can concentrate on what really matters: selling Agro-Inno Preseed Agro-Inno AgroInno’s mission is to promote precision growing in a controlled, automated environment using artifical lighting; the company’s main profile is the design, development and mass production of devices serving this purpose. Agronet Preseed Agronet Agronet provides state-of-the-art IT tools to the representatives of the agricultural sector to support their day-to-day farming activities and help more cost-effective management. It provides a comprehensive solution that supports the main elements of the production chain from the purchasing of the input material to the selling of crops so that the benefits of the market competition are also more easily accessible. Alkubot Preseed Alkubot Alkubot is a haggling chatbot that can sell your products in a gamified way to your website visitors.
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