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Adalékmentesen Kft. Preseed Adalékmentesen Kft. Adalékmentesen offers ready-to-eat meals with long shelf life, you can keep them on the shelf, in the drawer or even in your bag. Just heat it up and you can eat a delicious meal in just 2 minutes, free from preservatives, additives, dairy products and added sugars. AdvertiCat - Swolo Ads Kft. Preseed AdvertiCat - Swolo Ads Kft. AdvertiCat is an online marketplace for mobile advertisements that allow you to place targeted ads in phone applications within minutes. Adwantapp Preseed Adwantapp Adwant is a mobile ad-delivery platform, integrates mobile media spaces adaptively to mobile core function, the outgoing calling process, without disrupting and disturbing it. Mobile ad appears, when the user actively uses the mobile for an outgoing call that results 100% ad viewability. Agroninja Preseed Agroninja Agroninja is focusing on the problems of the Agricultural sector, trying its best to deliver software based solutions. Their first product is Beefie, a stress-free digital weight measurer for cattles. Using the software people can measure cattles with a mobile phone using advanced algorythms and data analysis. Anon Kft. Preseed Anon Kft. Anon is a Q&A application for iOS and Android, which provides the fastest way for millennials to get answers for their questions from friends, celebrities or experts. Our goal is to make a new and better platform for Generation Z, which they can use freely, without inhibitions. Appartme Kft. Preseed Appartme Kft. Appartme is a web-based platform and mobile app which enables professional accommodation providers to increase the sales of their services. It also offers a great service catalogue to the guests. ArtConscious Kft. Preseed ArtConscious Kft. ArtConscious is an online platform dedicated to contemporary Central and Eastern European art and design. Join now and discover extraordinary talent in unexpected places. CAREonix Preseed CAREonix CAREonix is developing a smart toothbrush that is able to diagnose early-stage caries in teeth. In connection with this project they are working on a customizable infrared to visible light converter polymer based lens that can revolutionize not only medical imaging but also many other fields in engineering and science. Cargo-Viszed Kft (ViddL) Preseed Cargo-Viszed Kft (ViddL) ViddL is an innovative online delivery service, where senders meet suppliers. They provide low-cost on-demand delivery service for webshops and private individuals through verified freelancer suppliers registered on their website.
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