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Pre-seed + investment program

Targeted companies

The Pre-seed+ program supports only those startups that have already received pre-seed 9 million HUF investment from Hiventures. We expect the startups to fulfill the milestones that were set for the pre-seed phase before applying for the pre-seed+ program.

The type and volume of the program

The program provides a maximum 30 million HUF (~97.000 EUR) convertible loan that will convert into equity at the next investment round (at the pre-money valuation of the next investment round).

Details of the pre-seed plus program:

  • Amount: maximum 30 million HUF (~97.000 EUR) in the form of convertible loan
  • Interest: 0%
  • Discount rate: 25%
  • Valuation cap (sets the maximum price that the loan will convert into equity): 500 million HUF (~1,6 million EUR)
  • Deadline of conversion: 24 months
  • Only those startups can apply who already received a pre-seed investment from Hiventures

Project evaluation criteria

  • innovation content and competitive advantage of the product / service
  • business plan justification
  • the experience and track record of company owners
  • team structure
  • market size, saturation and competition
  • fulfilled milestones and how the 9 million HUF investment was utilized
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