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Investment construction

Targeted companies

The Incubation (Pre-Seed) investment program supports micro-enterprises with research, development and innovation activities, where the product or service idea already exists, but the final concept development and business content is yet to discover and evolve. The investment time horizon is one year.

The type and volume of the investment

The investment is realized through capital increase (share capital + capital surplus). The program provides a standard 9 million HUF (approx. 29 000 EUR) capital to each business, whereat we request a 9% share in the invested company in return. The payment is transferred in two installments in the amount of 4,5 million HUF (approx. 14 500 EUR). In order to receive the second installment we require a detailed report about the use of the first installment, outputs and accomplished milestones.

Financing costs

According to the investment contract and business plan, only those costs can be financed that are directly related to the operation of the target company, and are eligible by the relevant legislations (e.g. market research, mentor and incubator services, salary, etc.). Hiventures actively support companies in making their own cost structures.

Project evaluations are based on:

  • project seriousness and innovation content
  • business plan justification
  • the experience and track record of company owners
  • team structure, number of owners
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