Corporate social responsibility

Our main mission is to support innovative ideas of the present and future and to contribute to create a sustainable and value-based domestic ecosystem of startups in Hungary.

Our objective is to support the foundation of domestic enterprises, to educate the startup ecosystem and market, to develop young talents and to enhance Hungary’s domestic and international competitiveness. During our daily operation, we focus on complying with ethical and transparent business processes.

Our efforts are the virtues of a responsible and value-generating company and these virtues have helped identify further focus areas that define the operation of our responsible company.

Promoting women’s ambitions in the world of startups

We believe that success and diversity go hand in hand and that the role of women in the innovative ecosystem is essential. Through our strategic partnerships, we seek to introduce women to the startup world as a potential career path and we aim to encourage female entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

Educating the young, talent management

We play an active role in business initiatives that support and develop those 21st century skills that are required for an entrepreneurship mentality which could lead to starting successful social and business enterprises.

Supporting sustainable business concepts

In line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN we are committed to finding those projects which in addition to financial stability also have long-term positive social and environmental impacts.