About the fund management company

Our History

Our legal predecessor, the Regional Venture Capital Management that was established in 1999, which later became the Corvinus Venture Capital Management Zrt., started and managed several venture capital funds right from the beginning in order to offer capital financing for businesses with a high growth potential in the innovative, starting and early growth phase.

Establishing the Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management

Hiventures was established when the previous business model was reformed, and it has played a unique role in the Hungarian capital funding segment since February 2017. As a state-owned capital investor, its aims to help Hungary to reach the international innovation and start-up market as dynamically as possible. From 2019, Hiventures has expanded its financing programmes to small and medium size enterprises first, and later on to large companies as well.

Hiventures, a member of the MFB Group, has become one of the biggest and most active capital fund managers of Central and Eastern Europe. We support the entire Hungarian entrepreneurial ecosystem with our own and EU resources, thus providing resources from the idea phase to large-scale investments.

The activities of Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management

Startup segment

The goal of Hiventures’ start-up segment is to provide capital financing for Hungarian start-ups that have innovative solutions and great growth potential. Our multi-stage, interdependent investment model offers financing for businesses in the incubation, seed and growth phase to support product development, growth and their entry into the domestic and international market. In revitalising the start-up ecosystem, which has a stimulating effect on the whole economy, we rely on our experience gained in hundreds of successful deals, as well as on our extensive mentor and management network, which we also share with our start-up founders. We are industry independent, but also thematically support certain goals, such as the Hungarian creative industry.

Corporate segment

The goal of Hiventures’ corporate segment is to offer capital to small, medium and large enterprises that are based in Hungary, have Hungarian majority ownership and a stable market for their business, in order to fund investments, innovation and allow them to increase their competitiveness. Since the stable operation and continuous development of Hungarian SMEs and large enterprises have a significant impact on the Hungarian economy, Hiventures offers flexible solutions for all financing needs from simple transactions to more complex investments, which is unique on the market

Our corporate segment offers capital investment for owner buy-outs (MBI/MBO), for arranged sales of businesses in need of a succession, but have no options for succession within the family, furthermore for company acquisitions and mergers. We provide resources to finance investments such as capacity enhancement, real estate transactions or purchasing other tangible assets, machines or equipment. We provide capital financing for restructuring to help previously prosperous enterprises in a temporary difficult financial situation to reset them to a growth trajectory. We contribute to the sourcing of mature enterprises and to the financing of their investments with regulated tools of the capital market, and special, private capital outputs

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