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Corporate Responsibility

Our main mission is to support today’s and the future’s cutting-edge and innovative ideas and companies, thus contributing to a sustainable and continuously developing startup ecosystem. We ambitiously support domestic enterprise establishment and the education of the startup community and market. We help young talents to thrive and take part actively in the increase of Hungary’s domestic and international competitive advantage. During our operation we strictly follow the transparent and ethical way of business. These ambitions can already describe a valuable and socially responsible company, but taking a step further, we appointed additional important focus points that effect our everyday operation.

Endorse and inspire women in the startup community

We believe that success and variety go hand in hand, and just like women’s role in the startup ecosystem, it’s necessary. With our strategic partnership, we actively introduce the startup community as a possible career path to women, and we encourage and support women’s startup initiative.

Talent management – raising awareness

Besides being dedicated towards young entrepreneurs’ pro bono mentoring, we actively take part in professional initiatives aiming to support and educate the tools and skills of the 21st century that are essential to shape the right business approach and can led to the establishment of a successful and socially responsible enterprise.

Supporting companies that operate in the spirit of the UN Sustainability Goals

Proving our dedication towards the 17 UN sustainability goals, we are committed to find companies and projects that besides being financially stable, are also have a long-term, positive social and economic effect.  

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